» Change of Company Secretary, Registered Address and Appointment of Alternate Director

Change of Company Secretary, Registered Address and Appointment of Alternate Director

Posted on: 12 August 2010

New Europe Property Investments plc, the Central and Eastern European property investment company which has a listing on the Main Board of the JSE Limited and a listing on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange, announces that:

  • Andrew Mackenzie Dawson has resigned from the position of company secretary, to be replaced by Cornelius Eduard Cassell with effect from 11 August 2010;
  • the registered office of the Company has changed from Falcon Cliff, Palace Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM2 4LB to 2nd Floor, Anglo International House, Lord Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 4LN with effect from 11 August 2010; and
  • Maitland Services Limited has tendered its resignation as registered agent and that Sabre Fiduciary Limited has been appointed as new registered agent, with immediate effect.
  • Mr Cassell also be appointed as an alternate director to Dewald Lambertus Joubert with effect from 11 August 2010.

In accordance with paragraph G of Schedule 2 of the AIM Rules, Mr Cassell (aged 47) directorships over the past five years are listed below:

Current DirectorshipsPrevious Directorships
CEMZ Holdings Limited
Consilium Limited
Energy Africa Namibia Limited
My Mobile Limited
Nampak International Limited
Premium Name Media Limited
Sabre Fiduciary Limited
Sabre Holdings Limited
The Birchman Group Limited
Tullow Congo Limited
Tullow Equatorial Guinea Limited
Tullow Gabon Holdings Limited
Tullow Gabon Limited
Tullow Kudu Limited
Tullow Mauritania Limited
Tullow Senegal Limited
Tullow Uganda Limited
4U2 Limited
Acyclick Limited
Admiral Aviation Services Limited
Aeronautix Leasing Limited
Ahrens Finance Limited
Albemarle Services Limited
Ambras Holdings Limited
Amcoll Limited
Ammin Coal Investments Limited
Amplats (IOM) Limited
Anglo African Exploration Holdings Limited
Anglo American Corporation de Chile Holdings Limited
Anglo Coal (Bermuda) Limited
Anglo Coal (Venezuela) Limited
Anglo Quellaveco Limited
Anglo South America Limited
Anon Development Limited
Aval Holdings Limited
Baltic Opportunities Limited
Barbacane Consultants Limited
Betulla Property Limited
Biblos Limited
Bittiner Whitehouse (Isle of Man) Limited
Breco (Africa) Limited
Breco (Asia Pacific) Limited
Breco (Central Asia) Limited
Breco (Far East) Limited
Breco (South Africa) Holdings Limited
Breco (Southern Africa) Consolidated Limited
Breco Holdings Limited
Breco Intemational Limited
Breco Investments Limited
Breco Resources Limited
Bretony Limited
Burleigh Limited
Calendula Limited
Categoric Holdings Limited
Cerestron Limited
Champress Limited
Citynet Wireless International Limited
Clarent Limited
Clemente Business Limited
Coldane Investments Limited
Compass Multi-Manager Fund Limited
Consolidated Bullion Limited
Continuum Limited
Corozal Limited
Cosmos Trading Limited
CRG Limited
Curacao Marine Management Limited
Danmer Limited
Derbysea Management Limited
Discus Holdings Limited
Discus Limited
Eagle Energy Angola Limited
Echo Delta (Developments) Limited
Echo Delta (Dom Carlos/Estoril) Limited
Echo Delta (Holdings) Limited
Edgelane Investments Limited
Efidium Limited
Elgria Limited
Energy Africa Cote D'lvoire Limited
Energy Africa DRC Limited
Energy Africa Egypt Limited
Energy Africa Equatorial Guinea Exploration Limited
Energy Africa Haute Mer Holdings Limited
Energy Africa Haute Mer Limited
Energy Africa Libya Limited
Energy Africa Morocco Limited
Energy Africa Mozambique Limited
Energy Africa Tanzania Limited
Engen Petroleum International Limited
EVA Leasing Limited
Faucon Leasing Limited
Fiduciaire T A Services Limited
Fiduciary Management Services Limited
Flank Limited
Fortplus Company Limited
Garrick Investment Holdings Limited
Glanvill Limited
Gleddoch Limited
Godred Limited
Goldbrands Limited
Goldr Limited
Gordonia Limited
Gyro Aviation Limited
Heather Leasing Limited
Hermitage Limited
Higham Corporate Services Limited
Higham Nominees Limited
Highbirch Limited
HK IOM Limited
Holwave Limited
I & E Limited
Inkerman Consultants Limited
Intabex SA
International Sport & Leisure Corporation Limited
Isdale Holdings Limited
itGold Limited
Jana Leasing Limited
JCI (Isle of Man) Limited
JCI East African Exploration Company Limited
Jondolin Limited
Kahlua Limited
Kamarina Limited
Kaszony Trustees Limited
Kato Limited
KIM Sailing Limited
Kinesis Limited
Kolco Services Limited
Lanka Limited
Lindfield Limited
Littleton Properties Limited
Loadestar Investments Limited
Loom Limited
Lorton Limited
Lynhurst Limited
Mahal Investments Limited
Maitland Director (IOM) Limited
Maitland Nominees (I.O.M.) Limited
Maitland Nominees Limited
Maitland Pension Services Limited
Malfed Leasing Limited
Masham Limited
Masters Limited
Media Messenger Limited
Merinos Leasing Limited
Meyers Investments Limited
MIH Investments Limited
Millennium Publishers Limited
Minorco Peru Holdings Limited
Minpress Investments Limited
Montbrun Limited
Moorgate Associates Institutional Advisory Services (Ireland) Limited
Napoleon Leasing Limited
Neutrino Limited
Nilofar Investments Limited
Nordberg Limited
Ocean Dive Adventures Limited
Oriole Limited
Orion Sport and Leisure Limited
Orvin Limited
Overture Limited
Paladin Limited
Pangea Diamondfields plc
Pentavana Limited
Piedmont Leaf Tobacco Company N.V.
Pinot Limited
Planum Holdings Limited
Princetonn Enterprises Limited
Protea Leasing Limited
Puddledock Limited
Pyramus Limited
Quasar Limited
Quinnasette Limited
R T Speed Limited
Raufard Limited
Regional Aircraft Leasing Limited
Renaissance Holdings Limited
Revetment Holdings Limited
Sable Kensington Limited
Sall Limited
Scaw (BVI) Limited
Science & Technology Limited
Second Higham Nominees Limited
Selden Limited
Sherburn Limited
Sholto Limited
Sino Gold Fields SEL Limited
Sino Gold Fields SPD Limited
Slaney Limited
Solon (I.O.M.) Limited
Somerton Limited
Spindle Limited
St Pauls Investments Limited
Starcross Investments Limited
Stimela Mining Limited
Stockade Investments Limited
Stoneridge Limited
Sundiamond Limited
Sunway Limited
Tabayin Holdings Inc.
Tachyon Limited
Targe Investments Limited
Teleprocom Limited
Templar International Investments Limited
The Henley Settlement Limited
Thilo Limited
Timbal Limited
Tintern Limited
Tontine Inc
TPA Remarketing Services Limited
Trans Sahara Trading (IOM) Limited
Traversio Limited
Trinity Applied Technology Limited
Trinity Estates Limited
Trinity International Limited
TRS Staffing Solutions Limited
Tubus Installations Limited
Tullow (EA) Holdings Limited
Turboprop Remarketing Services Limited
Two Tree Limited
Utilities Management Limited
Vannin Energy Limited
Vannin Leasing Limited
Waltham Limited
Wardvale Properties Limited
Ware Limited
Whitton Limited
Woolford Estates Limited
Wydire Holdings Limited
Zabat Limited
Zeedijk Handelmaatschappij N.V.
Zietzig Limited

The Birchman Group Limited entered members' voluntary liquidation in April 2008, but its liquidation and resulting dissolution have not yet been finalised by the preparation of accounts and the holding of a final meeting, due to the need to resolve a historic accounting issue with the company. The liquidator has not been notified of any third party claims or liabilities of the company (save to its contributories in the normal course and in respect of liquidator's fees) and expects that its assets will significantly exceed any liabilities arising upon the final distribution and dissolution of the company.

The Company confirms that no other details are required to be disclosed under paragraph G of Schedule 2 of the AIM Rules with respect to Mr Cassell.