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Directorate Change

Posted on: 22 October 2008

The Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Desmond de Beer as an additional non-executive director. Mr de Beer, aged 47, joins the board with immediate effect.

Mr de Beer is a beneficiary of The Suni Trust, owns 50% of Optimprops 3 (Pty) Limited and currently directly and indirectly holds 4.7% of Resilient Property Income Fund Limited and 0.6% of Capital Property Fund. Resilient Property Income Fund Limited has a 11.3% shareholding in Capital Property Fund and is the 100% parent company of Diversified Property Fund Limited, which in turn is the 100% parent company of Diversified Property 2 (Pty) Ltd.

The interest of the various entities named above in the capital of the Company is as follows:

Number of ordinary shares Percentage of share capital
Diversified Properties 2 (Pty) Ltd 7,392,500 27.59%
Capital Property Fund 6,155,000 22.97%
The Suni Trust 1,725,000 6.44%
Optimprops 3 (Pty) Limited 1,477,500 5.51%

The following are Mr de Beers's current directorships (including close corporation memberships in South Africa) and those held within the last five years:

Current Past
Beaulieu College Properties (Pty) Ltd Acucap Investments (Pty) Ltd
BeaulieuCollege (Pty) Ltd Acucap Properties Ltd
BeaulieuSchoolProperties (Pty) Ltd Acucap Property Management (Pty) Ltd
Boudoir Properties CC Amber Peek Investments (Pty) Ltd
Diversified Properties (Pty) Ltd Autumn Wizard Trading (Pty) Ltd (1)
Diversified Properties 2 (Pty) Ltd Bardesgra CC
Diversified Property Fund Limited Casadobe Props 75 (Pty) Ltd
Fortress Asset Managers (Pty) Ltd King Bee Properties (Pty) Ltd (1)
Hollyrood Investments (Pty) Ltd Sunset Bay Home Owners Association
Indian Gold Investments (Pty) Ltd Sycom Property Fund Managers Ltd
Kyalami Preparatory Holdings (Pty) Ltd Tiradeprops 152 (Pty) Ltd (2)
KyalamiPreparatory School (Pty) Ltd
New Heights 471 (Pty) Ltd
NMGP Holdings (Pty) Ltd
Optimprops 3 (Pty) Ltd
Pangbourne Properties Limited
Property Fund Managers Ltd
Pure Diamond Investments (Pty) Ltd
Resilient Capital (Pty) Ltd
Resilient Properties (Pty) Ltd
Resilient Properties 2 (Pty) Ltd
Resilient Property Income Fund Ltd
Resilient Property Management (Pty) Ltd
Southern Palace Investments 19 (Pty) Ltd
  • These are private South African companies which are now in voluntary liquidation.
  • This is a private South African company which has now been deregistered.

  • Save for the information disclosed above there is no other information falling to be disclosed under Schedule Two, paragraph (g) of the AIM Rules.