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Secondary Listing

Posted on: 22 May 2008

The Company announces that it is in the process of seeking a secondary listing of its ordinary shares on the Alternative Exchange ("AltX") of the JSE Limited, subject to obtaining regulatory approvals in South Africa. It is expected that this secondary listing will take place within the next one to two months and, subject to market conditions, the listing is expected to be preceded by a private placing of new ordinary shares with a limited number of new investors.

The main purposes of the secondary listing on AltX are to:

  • Provide an additional source of capital to fund the growth aspirations of the Company
  • Enhance potential investors' awareness of the Company
  • Facilitate direct investment in the Company by South African investors
  • Provide South African investors, both institutional and private, the opportunity to
  • participate directly in the income streams and future capital growth of the Company; and
  • Provide investors with an additional market for trading NEPI ordinary shares.